We create your imagination into Glass

That is the promise Pragati Glass makes to its customers. Pragati Glass was founded in 1982, and it has been a long and fun journey for us. Having operations in India and in Oman, and our trade offices in China and in Dubai, we offer complete packaging solutions to our customers. Right from designing of the glass bottles to a finished product – we have it all. We cater to Perfumes and Cosmetics, Candles, Liquor and Food & Beverage segments. Pragati Glass has a presence in over 60 countries around the world.

Our capabilities

Our India plant for glass bottles is based in Kosamba (near Surat in Gujarat, about 300km northwest of Mumbai). Here we have two furnaces of 80 and 90 tons each, with a capacity of 170 tons per day. The plants also have IS machines i.e. single gob and double gob, ¾ automatic machines and total semi machines, giving us the capability to address orders of varying sizes and specifications.


Our Oman plant has one furnace with a capacity of 135 tons per day。 Our facilities include three 6-section and three 8-section manufacturing lines with both single and double gob。 All these machines are supported with the latest technology like automatic batch house, automatic inspection line and palletizing unit。

Large Production

Large production orders are executed on the single gob and double gob machine.

Automatic Machines

Intricate shapes are executed on the 3/4th automatic machine, which affords better convenience than fully automatic machines.

Smaller Production

Smaller production orders are executed on the total semi machines, which have 18 machine lines. In a day, we produce upto 1 million bottles.

Management team

  • dinesh-gupta

    Mr Dinesh Kumar Gupta
    bbin体育 Managing Director

    bbin体育Mr Gupta is very much a figurehead for the organisation and plays a motivational role for his workers and staff。 He takes a keen interest in the day-to-day running of the company and in developing business plans for the long-term future of the organisation。

    Email: dineshgupta@getaskingprice.com

  • rajesh-shah

    Mr Rajesh Shah
    Works Director

    Mr Shah has vast experience in the production field.
    bbin体育 He guides and monitors the daily running of Pragati Glass facilities, making sure production stay efficient and timely.

    Email: rajeshshah@getaskingprice.com

  • HR-bhandari

    Mr H R Bhandari

    With over 40 years of experience in the glass industry, Mr Bhandhari lends his vision to directing the company in its future growth avenues。

    Email: president@getaskingprice.com

  • noavatar

    Mr Sharad Binyala

    Mr Binyala has been in marketing and sales for 17 years。 He has been instrumental in driving innovation for customers in product development。 He handles the domestic market as well as Spain, Russia and Far East Asia。

    bbin体育Email: sharad@getaskingprice.com

  • raja-sir

    Mr Raja Rao
    Marketing Manager

    Mr Rao has vast knowledge about the glass industry.
    For him, customer requirements are top priority.
    He handles the company’s business in the Middle East.

    Email: raja@getaskingprice.com

  • ashsish-gupta

    Mr Ashish Gupta
    Managing Director

    He is always on the move, his air miles and no of orders in hand go hand in hand. Mr. Ashish Gupta handles the Oman marketing in Africa, Europe, UK and the Americas.

    Email: ashishgupta@pggulf.com

In-house facilities

Automatic frosting machine
Printing process with screen and pad Machine with one / two colour process
Multi-colour printing with transfer process
Coating unit with capacity of 100,000 bottles
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